Announcing the Canta Backyard Concert Series!

Hey CANTA Fans, we miss you! We have come up with a pretty cool way to get out and connect during this time.

And the solution is…THE BACKYARD CONCERT SERIES, an alternative to going out to a crowded place just to enjoy live music with friends.

ALL YOU DO- book the concert date, schedule an appointment for a backyard assessment and you’re set! We’ll come over to check on where we should play and necessary electrical requirements for our Sound and Lights. No worries though, most homes have the necessary outlets needed for an evening of fun!

ALL WE DO- pop up a stage, sound and lights and you’ve got a show! It’s such a no-brainer, you can still celebrate a special occasion or have a fun summer night listening to our music with your closest family and friends.

We bring the stage to you and we’ll come hang out with your family and friends in YOUR OWN BACKYARD!!

So the rest is simply how you follow your guidelines once your guests get into the spirit of things. So book your Backyard Concert, send the Evite, bring the lawn chairs and get ready for CANTA music under the stars!!

Book Your Backyard Concert!
Click below to contact us on our website or leave us a message on our 24 hr. Voicemail at 817-218-8890.